Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

Department of Business & Industrial Management

G. H. Bhakta Management Academy

Diploma International Business

Diploma in International Business Management

This programme is designed to equip entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, officials, professionals and students for leadership roles to face global business challenges. It prepares them to enter the world of business management and looks at the current global business environment. The course is structured to impart integrated knowledge of trade policy implications, export-import documentation, contemporary trade and finance tools, and international marketing skills.

It aims to meet requirements of trained manpower in the vast field of foreign trade and international business. Through this course the students will be exposed to formal training to acquire knowledge and to develop skills required to undertake foreign trade activities as well to take up employment in International Business Organizations.

Graduates and other qualified learners (12th pass) will gain an excellent understanding of the essentials of international business management. They will discuss global issues, prepare presentations, do team projects, and extend their research skills. This programme makes a bold attempt at delivering a balanced mix of export-import procedural and international business.


  • To develop global perspective.
  • To impart comprehensive knowledge concerning the practical aspects of international Business.
  • To learn and gain knowledge of the practical operations in export and imports.
  • To enhance decision making capabilities for international business operations.

For Whom:

  • Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs seeking to get knowledge of International Marketing Environment and International Business.
  • Students and Professionals seeking to build a career in the field of International Business and to increase their Job Opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to enter into or expand international business.


  • The course is designed to give comprehensive knowledge about the process, and operations relating to international business.
  • Sessions by expert practitioners and academicians.
  • It encourages peer learning and networking.
  • It gives an excellent opportunity for continuous professional development which will be helpful in enhancing career growth.